About us


I’m Dallen Olson, the founder of YALLA PROTEIN™. Having spent many years working for the largest exporter of dairy products in the world, I came to realise that the best quality sports nutrition should be available and accessible to everyone from all walks of life at an affordable price. I established YALLA PROTEIN to capture a gap in the market; a locally based sports nutrition company focused on manufacturing and supplying high quality, affordable and customised sports nutrition products to consumers in the Middle East. Our business is guided by 3 core pillars: Quality, Affordability and Service.


We are dedicated to never compromising on quality across every aspect of our business. We only work with the most trusted and reputable, industry accredited suppliers, who provide us with the finest-quality ingredients for each of our products. All of our products undergo a rigorous testing and quality assurance process throughout each stage of development and manufacturing. We guarantee that only the purest, best tasting products, which exceed global industry standards, will leave our warehouse.


We have changed the game! Never before have sports and fitness enthusiasts in the Middle East had access to such high-quality products at such unbeatable and affordable prices! Our investment into locally based, state-of-the-art, in house manufacturing and warehousing facilities enables us to save on third party production and storage costs, which we can then pass on to our customers in the form of lower product pricing.


Quality and affordability mean nothing without a level of service that exceeds customer expectations! From 7 day per week customer service support, to next working day order delivery, YALLA PROTEIN is dedicated to providing products and a level service that will make a positive difference to the lives of our customers.

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