What Are The Benefits Of ZMA?

ZMA has recently gained significant attention from the general public and more health-oriented individuals. It’s a beneficial amalgamation of Vitamin B6, magnesium aspartate and zinc monomethionine aspartate. It has received credible support by clinical research labeling it as an effective supplement for improved wellbeing. It boasts numerous health benefits including increasing muscle size, boosting muscle recovery, enhancing muscle strength and helping in fat loss.

Zinc is classified as a necessary mineral. It is loaded with antioxidant properties known to stimulate enzyme activity, crucial for biochemical reactions within the body. It is even essential for protein synthesis i.e. a molecular mechanism responsible for boosting muscle growth and recovery.

Magnesium: Another essential mineral that is known to contribute to the healthy functioning of the metabolic rate, the cardiovascular system, and bone health. Magnesium possesses the properties of normalizing and extending stage 3 and 4 slow-wave sleep, thereby resulting in ZMA improving sleep quality. ZMA can indirectly boost growth hormone levels.

ZMA has been thoroughly analyzed, and research theorizes that it results in positive anabolic benefits. In an experimental study, athletes who were supplied with a ZMA supplement were seen to undergo a 30% increase in their testosterone levels. They also experienced a 5% increase in insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) levels. There were even seen to attain relatively higher levels of power, strength and enriched sleep quality.

USDA researchers stated that depletion in zinc levels led to a decrease in muscle endurance. Only by maintaining adequate zinc levels can you hone your ability to be able to complete a certain number of reps within a given weight bracket. Subjects that were following a 7-week leg training program whilst being supplemented with magnesium, increased their leg strength by 20% as compared to those that were not taking the supplement.

Zinc is an essential component to maintain optimal thyroid hormone production to keep your metabolic rate i.e. amount of calories burnt/day and fat burning abilities at peak performance. Zinc depletion can have an adverse effect on thyroid hormone production by limiting it. This compromised state lowers your metabolic rate, contributing to potential future obesity. Even the resting metabolic rate drops.

ZMA should not be confused as a testosterone booster. It is true that it can possibly help athletes during intense training sessions by maintaining higher levels of testosterone levels. However, it has not been designed to upgrade levels of the primary muscle-building hormone. A 2007 study from In a Selcuk University study, it was seen that zinc supplementation for 4 weeks increases male testosterone levels significantly both at rest and post-exercise.

ZMA is one of the most effective methods to supplement your body with two very important minerals that lead to a large scale of performance and overall physique benefits.