Am I Drinking The Correct Amount Of Water?

Water is essential for life and plays a vital role in maintaining our health. Many people are unaware of how important drinking clean, safe water is to their overall health. Our blog is here to help! It will cover all the important details that will leave you feeling more confident about hydration.

Benefits of drinking water

Aids Digestion

Drinking enough water helps us digest our food properly. The stomach produces hydrochloric acid when there is not enough water present inside the digestive system. Hydrochloric acid breaks down proteins and fats so that nutrients from these foods get absorbed easily. If your stomach doesn't produce adequate amounts of Hydrochloric acid, then protein and fat may not be digested that well. As a result, you might feel bloated after eating certain types of meals. Water helps break down those stubborn calories and makes them easier to absorb.

Improves skin condition

Water plays a vital role in keeping our skin hydrated. Our skin contains about 70% moisture content. So, if our skin isn't getting enough water, then it becomes dry and flaky. Dryness on the face often manifests itself as wrinkles and fine lines. Drinking lots of water helps to slow down this problem because it hydrates the skin and gives it its natural glow.

Prevents kidney stones

Enough hydration keeps urine clear and free from crystals. When the kidneys aren't receiving enough fluid, they start producing more urine with higher levels of calcium oxalate. These stones form due to the high concentrations of minerals like magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, and citrate ions. All these elements combine to create crystal deposits within the urinary tract. However, if you keep yourself adequately hydrated, then the chances of developing kidney stones decrease drastically.

Improves brain function

The brain requires around 60 percent of all the fluids consumed daily. Therefore, drinking plenty of water improves memory retention and concentration. Also, it reduces stress and anxiety levels. A study conducted by Harvard Medical School found out that adults who drank eight glasses of water per day had lower rates of depression compared to their counterparts who didn't have any intake of water.

What can happen if you drink too much water

If you drink excessive amounts of water here are some common side effects caused by excess consumption of water:


If you drink too much water, it dilutes other essential electrolytes like sodium chloride and potassium chloride. Since both salts play crucial roles in maintaining the normal functions of various organs, having low salt levels can lead to bloating. It would be best to avoid salty snacks and processed foods since they contain large quantities of sodium chloride. Instead, opt for fresh fruits and vegetables.


When you consume a lot of water, it causes an increase in gastric pressure, which could lead to vomiting. This happens because the increased volume of liquid pushes against the walls of the esophagus, irritating.


Excessive water intake also affects sleep patterns. It increases blood flow throughout the entire body, including the brain. This results in a drowsy feeling during daytime hours.


From the points mentioned above, we know how beneficial drinking an adequate amount of water is for your health. But what exactly constitutes 'adequate?'

Well, according to experts if you want to stay healthy, you need to ensure that you get at least six glasses of water every day!